by Stefany F.

     I chose this quotation because I think it makes you see life with more optimism and happiness, and because I think it makes life a little bit easier for you. I also think this quotation makes you look forward in life but in a positive way. For example if you want to give up on something or something makes you sad, this quotation tells you  not to give up or be sad because there are more things around you that can help you feel better. In conclusion, this quotation makes you feel positive about life.


by Zeidy G.

     These words mean that you can defend yourself or you can help your friend. Also, these words give support because if your friend or a member of you family tells you these words that means that he/she is going to help you in any problem that you can have, or he/she is always going to be with you.

by Sophie D.

For example:
     We mustn’t always believe in appearances because a person can be nice with you and /or give you gifts, whereas she had bad intensions towards you. She can also do it just for her interest.
     Also, you can walk into a shop and buy something very nice, but it doesn’t last because of its lack of quality.
     I like this quotation because I hate insincerity. I also dislike when some people sell fake articles at the same price as the original.

by Jennifer H.

“You are the joy of my days,
You are my love more true,
You make me feel so happy,
I’m very proud of you.”

     The reason why I chose this quotation is because one person who is around me makes me feel this kind of feelings. This person is like the sun in the morning sky, the one who is always there when I need to talk with someone at any time. This person makes me smile when I start my day on the wrong foot. I admire this a lot, because I’m sure that this person will be always near to me to put a smile in my face, to make my day shiny, to let me feel like I’m in the sky. To be the one who always says that I can do it when I think that I can’t. This is the reason why I chose this quotation.

by Alioska B.

     I chose this quotation because I think this is a phrase that everyone needs to hear when hope is needed. “What does not kill you makes you stronger,” means that everyone has passed through a lot of difficulties in life, like hard challenges. Sometimes a person can’t reach them. There is a time when frustration can come. I think almost everybody can feel really bad when they try to get something and then can’t get it the way they want, but there is always a hope to keep trying and never give up. In my opinion this is a clear life’s quotation. With these words people can think that if something is going badly, it can be for a reason and if you can’t make it the first time, there is always a second chance.

by Carlos M.

     I think this tells about when you see someone and that person looks so unfriendly, but then you get used to seeing that person often. Then you get to know that person and you find out that the person is so sweet. That’s what your heart is telling you, that the person is getting more special and that person has something in common with you. That’s how you start getting in love with that person.

by Mahlet B.

     I like this song quotation because it means lot to me and tells me a lot of different things in the world. “Tell me what you see when you looking at me oooo.” I agree because every time when I look at people it shows me what their personality is or sometimes when people get mad or happy their faces can tell me. For example, one of my friends likes same guy and she doesn’t tell me. However, I am going to know sooner or later because I can see her face and her reaction. I can tell what she is thinking about. Sometimes it is important to know by just looking what my friends are thinking about because most of the time friends don’t open up to other friends even though I am open for them.